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  1. Hola AraceliEl evento todaveda no ha sido. Es el se1bado 30 de abril a las 11 am en Parque Me9xico, Condesa, en la Ciudad de Me9xico. SI quirees venir este1s cordialmente invitada. Abrazos,Nadir Chacedn

    1. “Last Sunday, church members voted 9-6 in favor of Thompson’s proposed ban.” I actually find some comfort in this.Note that it do72&n#8s1e;t say the church COUNCIL voted 9-6 in favor. The tally of church MEMBERS who voted on the ban at the church business meeting totaled 15 people. Others abstained, but my guess is that that number isn’t going to push the number into triple digits. This is a sad little church, not even close to full with sad people angry at the modern world. They are afraid that their view of the world doesn’t matter any more. And they are right.

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