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The Agfa-Gevaert Group develops, produces and distributes an extensive range of analog and digital imaging systems and IT solutions, mainly for the printing industry and the healthcare sector, as well as for specific industrial applications. Agfa-Gevaert has three focused business groups: Agfa Graphics, Agfa HealthCare, and Agfa Specialty Products. Agfa’s headquarters and parent company are located in Mortsel, Belgium. The company has production facilities around the world, with the largest production and research centers in Belgium, the United States, Germany and China. This global production network enables the company to meet the specific needs of each market, to limit the risk of currency fluctuations and to reduce transportation costs. Agfa is commercially active worldwide through more than 40 wholly-owned sales organizations. In countries where Agfa does not have its own sales organization, the market is served by a network of agents, distributors and representatives.

Agfa Graphics de México

Agfa Graphics Mexico

Agfa Graphics de México ofrece soluciones integradas e innovadoras para tres segmentos:

Impresión comercial: Equipos de preimpresión, consumibles, software y servicios.

Impresión en Gran Formato: Equipos de impresión de inyección UV de gran formato, consumibles, software y servicios.

Impresión para Periódicos: Equipos de preimpresión, consumibles, software y servicios; soluciones móviles y en la nube.


EL IMPRESOR has as main objective to serve the members of the Graphic Arts Guild, providing information to suppliers about the latest tools, improvements in machinery and printing techniques, the latest news about national and international exhibitions, fairs and events of the Arts Graphics Industry, Computer, Media, Graphic Design, Advertising Packaging and Packing.

Now we have new sections of information about the latest developments in computer (software and hardware), digital prepress, among others, thanks to the boom that this discipline has had in our industry.

In addition to EL IMPRESOR, now we have another two publications due to the demand required by the Graphic Arts market.

INKJET, is a monthly publication that can be found inside EL IMPRESOR with the latest information on digital technology, large format and multifunctional.

ID, Marketing & Publishing, is a bimonthly publication dedicated to satisfy the needs of customers engaged in advertising, marketing, pad printing, screen printing and embroidery.

Step by step we have been arriving to a lot of countries, crossing borders, with the main objective to give our market a competitive national and international level.

Nuestros lectores

EL IMPRESOR llega mensualmente a 8 mil personas, entre empresarios de Artes Gráficas, ejecutivos de la industria de los periódicos y editorial; así como los técnicos y operadores que trabajan en talleres de Artes Gráficas, distribuidores y fabricantes de productos para las Artes Gráficas como insumos y maquinaria.

Igualmente EL IMPRESOR llega a los altos niveles de las grandes empresas mundiales como Heidelberg, KBA, MAN Rolland, POLAR, Müller Martini, AGFA, Kodak, DuPont, FUJI, APPLE, SunChemical, Bobst, EFI, Vutek, Esko ArtWork, Norkim, Scitex, RICOH, Roland, Mimaki, Xerox, HP, Colortec, Mitsubishi, Papel Burgo y Superpolart, XAAR, Cannon, Sericol, entre otros.

Otro gran sector son los estudiantes de tecnológicos de Artes Gráficas y de las facultades de Ciencias de Comunicación, Diseño, Administración de Empresas, Mercadotecnia, Fotografía, entre otras carreras universitarias y técnicas.

El Impresor Magazine Profile

EL IMPRESOR is the first journal published in Mexico for over 30 years in the Graphic Arts, it contains the latest information of what’s going on in the national and international industry, the new developments in techniques, machinery and consumables, fairs, exhibitions, projects and ambitions of the members of this great industry.

Since its first edition in the year 1977, EL IMPRESOR has been a constant help and inseparable source of information for businesses and professional leaders in the field of Graphic Arts, and a great salesman for all advertisers.

EL IMPRESOR is every month in the hands of more than 8,000 industrials, executives, printers, screen printers, lithographers, designers and students of Graphic Arts in general, as well as in businesses, major newspapers and schools of our country and all over the world, because we have foreign partners that provide news from Europe, U.S., Central and South America.

Throughout this time we have accumulated a lot of awards and recognitions, including the Run for the Money Award from Eastman Kodak, Vasconcelos Journalism Award, the Gutenberg Media Award, Excellence in Reporting, the National Award 8 Gold Columns and from the Graphic Arts at Texas Educational Foundation, among others.

We are members of the National Chamber of Mexican Publishing Industry (CANAGRAF) National Association of Manufacturers of Graphic Arts (Anidigraf) AMEP and the Texas Graphic Arts Educational Foundation.

Contenido dentro de El Impresor

EL IMPRESOR proporciona la información más reciente de proveedores, los más recientes implementos, mejoras en maquinaria y en técnicas de impresión; el acontecer de las ferias y exposiciones nacionales e internacionales de Artes Gráficas.

La revista esta dividida en secciones de información que incluyen: Digital, Etiquetas y Embalajes, Gran Formato, Offset, Papel y Consumibles, Cultura, Impresión Textil, entre otras.